About me

I currently work as a developer at Kodeworks in Trondheim, Norway. I work full stack in multiple languages and frameworks, and have been working professionally on both .NET, the JVM and developing mobile applications. I’m a Linux guy who loves developing in Python, learning new languages and doing some server setup and maintenance every now and again.

In 2012 I finished my masters degree at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where I wrote my thesis on UnQL - a propsed query language for use with NoSQL databases.

In my spare time I develop software and shoot archery. I also love coffee, food and social gatherings. During my school years I was a member of dotKom, the comittee for technology and software development in Online, the student society for comp.sci. students at NTNU.

This blog contains my ramblings on technology, mainly programming and software development related, as well as free software, freedom of speech and whatever else might be on my mind.

For more information you can contact me through email: dagolav@prestegarden.com (gpg –recv-key 9B35ACDA) .